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Brushing Technology

Our quick and cost-effective system can finish surfaces including raw wood as well as paint and lacquered coatings. With optimized brush parameters and flexible sanding technology selection, we can handle even the most challenging and atypical tasks, while ensuring your satisfaction and measurable benefits from choosing our surface finishing technology. With our extensive experience, we can develop and provide any sanding tool you may need.

Flexible Sanding Tools

Advantages of our technology

We are a producer which offers brushes in plastic (for light work) and in aluminum (for hard work).

Our brush construction ensures the durability of the sanding material connected with the support bristles, supported by many years of experience in production conditions.

We use natural bristles in our products, which are characterized by their anti-static properties. Thanks to these properties, electrostatic charges are eliminated from the surface of the sanded material. In addition, our bristles have excellent grinding, polishing, cleaning, and dust removal properties.

We produce single and double breasted brushes with bristle heights ranging from 20mm to 110mm. The sanding material can be cut every 2mm, 4mm, 7mm, 20mm, 50mm, 100mm or without any cuts, depending on our customer’s needs. The cuts on the sanding material can be straight, arc-shaped, or conical, as per our customer’s requirements.

Our sanding materials ensure the highest level of durability, flexibility, and excellent surface quality consistency.

We can provide sanding heads to meet your specific needs, with plastic and aluminum options available. Our sanding heads feature both straight and torsion grooves and come with a variety of blocking systems to choose from.

We also offer sanders from both domestic and international manufacturers that have been tested and approved

We also specialize in creating custom brush and sanding head constructions to meet our clients’ specific needs and expectations.

Sanding Heads

Our sanding heads are constructed with precision to ensure long and seamless operation. We use lightweight alloys or sturdy and stress-resistant plastics in the production of our sanding heads. This construction is capable of withstanding heavy loads during sanding without compromising the durability of the sanding head or the sander’s propulsion.

Our sanding heads are available with both straight and spiral grooves, which, combined with the ability to regulate the direction of rotation, allows for thorough and effective sanding of both flat surfaces and edges. Depending on the conditions of each machine, we offer different brush blocking systems to ensure that changing the brushes is simple and quick, without requiring the entire sanding head to be removed from the machine.

Types of Sanding Heads

All types of roller heads (A-H) are produced with left-turning grooves, right-turning grooves, and straight grooves.

Sanding Brushes

Allow us to introduce our exchangeable sanding brush system, which is used in the production lines of large furniture factories as well as handheld machines. Depending on the surface finishing technology required, we can offer brushes with sanding cloth, nonwoven materials, natural skin, abralon, natural fibers, or horsehair. Choosing the right sanding material, grain, cuts, and support system ensures optimal results during sanding, polishing, or grinding of oil or wax.

Types of Sanding Brushes

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