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Speed up your sanding process and say goodbye to hand sanding

Sanding is one of the most important stages in woodworking. It is the crucial final step that makes your work look beautiful, whether it is painted, stained or lacquered. Sanding your finished product is traditionally done by hand and the process is tedious and time consuming. Using the high quality abrasives and proper sanding tools will not only save you a ton of time and money, but will also provide an overall superior finish.

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Let’s run through a few key sanding components


Uneeda’s EKASILK PLUS sponges are the answer to the most common finish sanding problems – from sharp edges, contours, and tight, hard to reach spaces to fast loading, torn or broken abrasives, or simple fatigue from manual sanding. Coming in an array of sizes, grades and thicknesses to cover all the bases, the EKASILK system will speed up your finishing by eliminating hand sanding and giving you back your time, energy and money, all while delivering the best finish possible.

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EKASAND E-SERIES electric random orbital sanders

The EKASAND E-Series random orbital sanders are ergonomically built to provide their users with more balance, comfort, and control. All units are lighter than most electric sanders (2.5 to 4lbs) and were designed to reduce hand fatigue. The brushless 350W motor delivers a powerful sand and provide a longer lifetime. The 5″ and 6″ sanders offer 4 adjustable speeds of 4,000, 7,000, 9,000 and 10,000 RPM for increased performance and precision. Choose our central vacuum models for maximum dust extraction and a healthier work environment.

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FILMTEK sanding discs

Film is known to be generally superior to paper as it allows for a more uniform and consistent abrasive coating. Not only is film waterproof, it provides better flexibility and durability – offering a two, to sometimes three times longer lifespan than paper, for certain applications. Moreover, our Filmtek discs perform as well on wood as on metal. Until now, film was twice as expensive as paper, but new technological advancements have allowed Uneeda to offer Filmtek at prices comparable to those of paper.

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EKASAND Dust Extraction System

A cleaner environment not only means a healthier environment but also a more productive one. Optimize your sanding operation with Uneeda’s EKASAND Series 2 dust extraction system. Connect your electric or pneumatic sander, or even both at the same time, and start extracting dust automatically when the tool is triggered. Its unique rack system helps you organize your sanders, abrasives and other power tools and access them in no time. With its high suction power and large 10 gallon capacity tank, the Series 2 allows you to hook up to a wide range of tools and removes 99.97% of the finest dust particles thanks to its HEPA filter.

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For the past 55 years, Uneeda has been committed to provide the highest quality coated abrasives on the market. Our main objective is to make sure that our customers achieve the best results possible while reducing sanding costs. If you have any questions about our products or would like to receive more information, please contact us at sales@uneeda.com

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